REVIEW: Revitalash Advanced vs. Latisse

I’m always on the lookout for great beauty products. A few months back I realized my lashes are starting to look a little lack-luster. They were short, brittle and thin. I was struggling to find a mascara that could really make my eyes pop. Several years ago I tried Latisse and loved the results, but ended up throwing in the towel when we started trying to get pregnant since it was not recommended for pregnant women.

I decided I didn’t want to go the prescription route this time. Not only was it very expensive, it poses the risk of discoloring your natural eye color. It didn’t feel worth the it to me this time and I wanted to give something a try that wasn’t so risky.

I read reviews for Revitalash Advanced and decided to give it a try. I used it faithfully once every night for a month until I noticed a dramatic difference! I got the same exact results I had gotten with Latisse without a prescription. The application is also way easier with Revitalash Advanced. The wand is in the cap and the solution is in the tube, so you simple unscrew the top, swipe once along your lash line and recap. With Latisse, I had to place a drop into the lid of the container, use a fresh brush and discard the brush after use. It felt wasteful and I was always so nervous I would spill it or touch my eye with the brush!

I’m so happy with Revitalash Advanced! I use it every other night now so maintain my length and strength. I’ve even gotten compliments from strangers asking what mascara I use. I do love my mascara as well, but I always tell them that Revitalash Advanced is the real secret.


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