5 April Fool’s Day Prank Ideas

These are all fun and innocent pranks you can pull on friends and family!

#1 – Use Fake Cockroaches to get some screams and laughs!

Prank Fake Roaches

#2 – Use this Fake Money to play a trick! Drop it on the ground for someone to find, mail it in a card or come up with your own idea!

Prop Money Magician Porp,Movie Props

#3 – The Fake $1,000,000 Scratch Off Ticket – Give someone one of these scratch off tickets and it’ll appear as if they have wont One Million Dollars!

8 Fake Lottery Tickets and Scratch Off Cards that Look Real

#4 – Take Sonogram Picture Pregnancy Prank – This one MAY be going to far, but it’s a good one

Prank 2D Customized Fake Ultrasound Strip of 3 Photos

#5 – Prank Gift Boxes – Give someone a gift in this one of these prank gift boxes, they won’t know how to react to these wacky gift boxes.

Prank Gift Box


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